Sunday, 23 December 2012

Flashing Dead Nokia Phones Using Phoenix (Bring it back to life)

The method I described here helped me out to bring back to life my Nokia N82 after it dead due to flashing.
No tool, box, dongle or anything else is needed!
Therefore I hope this method help you guys out for bringing back to life your dead NoKia phone, and don’t blame yourself anymore for what have you done, as I did myself.
This method is not a copy from any other forum or website, I used this method myself and I don’t know if there exists any similar method, so do it at your own risk!
I assume that you have phoenix, firmware files in the correct directory, needed drivers installed and a dead Nokia phone without spirit.
So, let’s start !

Copy firmware files to x:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-XXX\
*RM-XXX is your phone code as mine is RM-313 relative to N82
Step 1: Unplug your phone from pc and bring out its battery.
Step 2: Run Phoenix (in Win 7 run it as administrator), go to File menu and select “Open Product”. From the new window select your phone code (I selected RM-313 relative to N82) and click OK
Step 3: In Phoenix main window go to Flashing menu and select “Firmware update”. Wait for phoenix to response
Step 4: From the ‘Product information’ frame box click the button next to the Product Code box (three dots button), and from the opening window select your product code and click OK.
Step 5: At the bottom of ‘Firmware update’ window click the “Options” button, and from the opining window, in the ‘Flashing files and their parameters’ list box select the “core_image_erase_y_drive.XXXX” and click on  the “Delete” button and confirm it yes. The remaining three files are needed for flashing the phone. At the end click the “OK” button to close the ‘Firmware update advanced options’ window.
Step 6: Put the battery back into the phone and connect it to pc (via USB cable).
Step 7: Simply press the phone power button only once to power it up. You will see a very week white light on phone screen (the light is very poor and you must be able to see it somehow), and wait for a few seconds.
I have to mention for those of you who are worried about this weak light by the time of turning on the phone, if you don’t see it no problem, just after putting the battery back into the phone, for only one time simply press the power button as you were doing to a normal phone and pretend that it is turned on and go for the rest of procedures.
Step 8: When you got the light (poor light) on your phone screen, click the “Refurbish” button in the ‘Firmware Update’ window, and wait until it erase and program the phone up to 100%.
Step 9: At this point, when the programming procedure reaches its final step (programming 100%), Phoenix will restart the phone for inquiring the flashing result. And it’s done.  If you were lucky you got your phone back to life._
But some guys may encounter error at step 9, as I did. When the programming procedure reaches its final step (programming 100%), Phoenix will restart the phone for inquiring the flashing result, but the phone won’t start up into normal mode. It goes to some unknown mode like test mode or some other mode (as mine started in Test mode in a poor screen light, representing the new firmware version at top) and Phoenix is unable to recognize the phone in this strange mode (maybe due to missing needed drivers) and it (Phoenix) starts showing messages ‘waiting for response 25, ….24, ….23…, scrolling and counting down. But don’t worry, flashing procedure is finished if you got “Programming 100%” in the scroll box. Just close the ‘Firmware update’ window or if you waited for ‘waiting for response’ message to count down to 1 and a new window appeared representing a message of flashing failure result, asking you for a retry. Please don’t do anything else at this point, just ignore the message and click on the “Cancel” button, close the Phoenix and unplug your phone from pc, bring out the battery and put it back and finally power up your phone. You will notice that the phone starts up into normal mode and nothing is wrong. So it’s done.
Step 10: It’s a good idea to do a master reset by entering *#7370# in the standby mode before doing anything else (lock code is 12345).
I confirm it again that I got 100% success using this simple method and my Nokia N82 works like charm with its new firmware (35.0.002) after a completely dead.
The above topic description is very perspicuous therefore if you got no success, do it again step by step. And so far as I know there is no problem flashing again and again your phone if you don’t get success, as I did mine 6 times using JAF with no luck and 4 times using Phoenix with no success until the 5th time which ……….
Right now I am so dizzy that I don’t feel very well because as soon as I got success flashing my phone after 8 hours searching, anxiety and (lost the gym program today) ……, I started writing this topic.

Update 5/14/2012
If you weren’t successful bringing back to life your phone using the above procedures do it again and when you are at step 5 there is an option for “Dead phone USB flashing”, select it and complete the rest of procedures.


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