Saturday, 29 March 2014

Iphone Loud speaker does not work how to troubleshoot

 My iPhone 4 experienced inundating where it sat in a mess of rainfall h2o for an time. I dry it thoroughly in grain for per 7 days but when it was dry, the display and speaker had eliminate.
I changed both the display (LCD + Digitizer) and changed the whole docking station slot set up (Port, ribbons plug, WiFi Aerial, Noisy Speaker) and the display now performs, but the loud presenter still does not. Initially I converted it on, the loud presenter did create some altered disturbance if I converted the quantity up at least 50 percent way, but it has ceased creating any audio since that preliminary time.

samsung galaxy tab 2 charging problem solution

my universe tab 2 does not cost effectively it indicates the battery energy is surpassed.even when i be a part of mt tab to PC it does not joins , My tab 2 does not charge

solution Problem is in the Outlet of Battery charger or USB Wire.

or Problem might be in the charger, when you try to link charger that is not reinforced by Android operating system Cellphone then it will not function Display.


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